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Since 2005, MeTV has been bringing our viewers the best in classic television… iconic programs that rank among the most revered shows of all time.
Chosen from a wide array of genres, the programs of MeTV pay tribute to, and reflect our love of, classic television – comedies like M*A*S*HThe Love BoatI Love LucyThe Honeymooners and The Odd Couple; dramas such as Perry MasonThe Mod SquadThe Rockford Files and Columbo; great westerns like GunsmokeBonanzaThe Rifleman and The Big Valley; and otherworldly classics like Star TrekLost In Space and The Twilight Zone – and so much more!

We’ve created a schedule that flows effortlessly from comedy to drama: from the suspenseful to the whimsical, day and night, weekdays to weekends. It’s something we call Memorable Entertainment Television, or MeTV for short.
Whenever possible, our programs are shown in the most up-to-date, digitally restored versions available, for maximum video and audio clarity – that includes the black and white shows, too. Memories can be hazy things, but when it comes to programs like these, we want to make sure they’re crystal clear!
When MeTV began broadcasting back in 2005, we were only seen locally in Chicago. By 2008 our viewership extended to Milwaukee as well, and by 2010 MeTV was launched nationally by the Weigel Broadcasting Co.
We’re thrilled to report that these days, people in almost every corner of the country are tuning in to MeTV, as we clear 91% of the US and 161 affiliates. We couldn’t be happier to be sharing the thing we love – Memorable Entertainment Television.
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